'Pokemon Go' came out of nowhere and in less than a week it's about to surpass Twitter in the number of active users on android! That's truly unbelievable for an app that was just released last Thursday!

The new mobile game app has bred new life into the Pokemon franchise and has people all over the nation and the world competing for these little characters. These little creatures are scattered throughout the world and hide out in high traffic areas, monumental areas, parks, shopping malls, businesses and sometimes at intersections! I found this out accidentally yesterday while sitting at a red light!

Now no one should have to say it, because it's on the app every time you access it, but you should always be aware of your surroundings and be aware of what's happening. Even the Texas Department of Transportation has issued a commentary about the app on their Facebook page:

It goes without saying that you should be concentrating on driving and not worrying about where the next Pokemon is.  Come on people, use common sense and put away your device and drive.

The game also features Pokemon characters on private property too. Game players should be very respectful of private property when trying to capture these little creatures and police departments across the nation are issuing warnings about trespassing on private property. If a property reports suspicious activity on or around their property it could make for a risky situation for the player, owner and law enforcement.

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