Beloved and longtime San Antonio Spurs Head Coach, hasn't exactly been quiet about his political views, in the past. He recently took his support of Biden to the next level. In a recent interview, Coach Pop called Trump "deranged.'  He also expressed that he didn't care, if his fans didn't like his words regarding the President. Other sports figures such a Chris Paul and the Rock also support Biden.  Look at this Biden endorsement that was posted by the Lincoln Project Twitter account



On the other side of the spectrum, NFL great and quarterback legend,  Brett Farve has just shown his support for President Donald Trump.  Brett Favre is not the only one to jump on the Trump Train.  Golfing legend Jack Nicklaus, ex-NFL quarterback Jay Cutler, and rapper Lil’ Wayne, who recently expressed their support of the president. Check out Farve's tweet that endorsed Trump...


Remember today is that last day for early voting and Tuesday is Election Day.  Please let your voice be heard during one of the most heated presidential elections that I can remember.  Support your candidate and be kind to one another.

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