Cher Lloyd has been all over the place promoting her 'Sticks + Stones' LP, officially released in the U.S. on Oct. 2, and when she recently visited PopCrush during an N.Y.C. visit, she was more than happy to partake in a game of Pop the Question! After the beautiful 'Want U Back' hit maker discussed her debut LP with us, she launched darts at our balloon questions, sometimes having better aim than others. 

The 19 year old's first throw was a total dud -- the dart literally hit the floor, giving everyone a good laugh including Cher herself. After declaring that her father is going to be mighty disappointed in her dart throwing skills, she nailed the second pink balloon she aimed for, revealing what her worst date was like... well, actually revealing how she's not very well versed in the art of dating, especially since she's pretty much settled down with her fiance Craig Monk for good now.

Ms. Lloyd also gave a lengthy list of all the things she wishes she were good at, but sadly is not. For such a pint-sized little thing (she is quite petite, standing at probably just above 5 feet), Cher knows how to deliver big laughs. We couldn't help but giggle as she explained how she'd love to be able to run in a straight line, how she wishes she was better at saying "hello" to people, and the most awful job experience she's had -- hint: it didn't last very long.

You don't want to miss this cheeky gal's commentary, so be sure to check out our hilarious Pop the Question interview with Cher Lloyd in its entirety above.


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