YouTube star and singer Poppy, along with frequent collaborator Titanic Sinclair, have settled a lawsuit brought against them last year by musician and YouTuber Mars Argo.

Mars Argo's original lawsuit alleged that after she and Titanic Sinclair broke up, he began replicating the "Mars Argo" aesthetic, identity, and sound with new professional partner Poppy. Argo also filed a suit against the pair alleging copyright infringement.

Over the past few years, Poppy has garnered millions of fans and views across her YouTube, and branched out into music. She's released two albums, 2017's Poppy.Computer and last year's Am I a Girl?, both on Diplo's Mad Decent label.

Last year Poppy responded to the lawsuit publicly, calling it a "desperate grab for fame."

In legal documents acquired by NME, all parties involved agree not to have any direct or indirect communication (including social media), and can not make disparaging comments about each other publicly. Sinclair must also destroy any "compromising" photos he possesses of Argo.

The settlement states that while neither Poppy nor Titanic admit to any wrongdoing, the settlement means everyone involved avoids the time and cost of taking the suit to court.

Neither Poppy nor Mars Argo have publicly commented on the settlement as of this post's publication.

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