City Girls' Yung Miami was shot at 14 times outside a recording studio, according to reports.

The rapper, who's pregnant with her second child, was the target of a drive-by shooting early Tuesday morning (August 5) near Circle House Studios in Miami. Thankfully, she was not shot and her baby is doing fine as well.

In a video posted to Twitter, the 25-year-old can be seen explaining the attack to the police. Yung Miami told officers the shots came from behind her but that she was unable to see anything because the lights of the shooter's car were turned off. She also added that the first bullet hit the tire of her G-Wagon truck.

“They had the lights off so I never saw them,” she said. “Whoever it was, they had the lights off. It came from behind me, the shots started from behind me. They started from behind me because [...] I said, ‘Oh shit, somebody shooting!’ The first shot hit the f---ing spare tire. And then I don’t know how the shots came from the side of me [...].”

There are reportedly no suspects right now, but we'll update this post as the story develops...

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