The heavier traffic, the kids walking along the road, are all a part of a new school year. That means that us drivers need to get back into school mode, even if we don't have kids to drive to school.

Be patient, consider an alternate route, observe school zones and speed limits, and STAY OFF YOUR CELL PHONE. You should be staying off your phone anytime you're driving anyway but, you could get fined for using your phone in a school zone.

I didn't realize this but, did you know that using a cell phone while on school property is a violation? True story. Even if you get to school early to pick up your kid and are waiting in a line and won't be moving anytime soon, it's still a violation.

So, keep that in mind when you're in your car in and around school zones, that phone call could cost you either by causing an accident, or even a fine.

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