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Everything may be bigger in Texas, but this is just getting ridiculous!

Here we find yet again, another snake in the commode in Texas.

But this time, it's a freaking python! It seems like everything really is bigger in Texas, like the snakes in potties problem we've seen in Texas!

Okay, but first, let's talk pythons and potties for a second.

According to KIII-TV, Patty Tidwell of Andrews Texas wakes up around 3 in the morning to go to the bathroom, and after she turns on the lights, she discovers there is a gnarly python hanging out from inside her toilet, and wrapped in her sink.

I'm going to let that "sink" in for a second. She turns on the light and a stinking freaking python has made its way through her bathroom pipes to come up from her toilet and it's big enough to make its slimy way into her sink as well.

This is the second time we've seen 'Snakes in the Potty' this month.

It's like a sequel to a bad movie and the snakes just keep getting bigger!

Just a few weeks ago, DJ JP covered an almost identical story of a snake in North Texas coving up from the toilet.

Why? To make sure we never go potty without first checking for reptiles ever again!

Check out his story in the button below.

So, how would you handle this whole scene if you walked into your bathroom and saw a snake coming from the potty pipes? Inquiring minds want to know!


What do the experts suggest?

Well, according to HowStuffWorks, if you happen to find a snake in the potty, "First, take a deep breath and shut the toilet lid. Keep in mind that flushing is not going to do you any good."

Okay seriously, who in the hello would stay in the bathroom long enough to close the lid and then try to flush it back down?!?!

So how common is it to find snakes in the toilet?

Every place I looked said, " It's rare to find snakes in the toilet," but obviously they don't live in Texas.

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