R. Kelly has pleaded not guilty to federal sex crime charges, including sex trafficking, in New York City.

The disgraced R&B singer maintained his innocence but was denied bail when he appeared in court on Friday (August 2) after being accused of sexually abusing women and underage girls who attended his concerts. The allegations also include child pornography, hiding the fact that he had an STI and asking his alleged victims to call him "Daddy."

He is charged with exploiting five victims, some of which he "arranged to meet him on the road for illegal sex," according to court documents. However, Kelly's lawyers claim the women in question were never forced into anything and that they sought his attention. He “would spend his time and even become friends with and care about these groupies and fans who were dying to be with him,” they added.

The 52-year-old reportedly was nowhere to be found before his hearing which momentarily led many to believe he had fled the country. According to Complex, Kelly had been transported on a plane from Chicago to New York, but when he landed his attorney couldn't find him. He eventually showed up in court, though, to enter in his plea.

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