Who knew: Reba McEntire can do a dang good Cardi B impression! The country star's Instagram video of herself using the rapper's famous catchphrase comes as a surprise — but an awesome one.

McEntire was hanging out in a backstage-type area at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum's American Currents exhibit opening on Tuesday night (March 5) when she decided to share the goofy Instagram clip. After someone off-camera calls her, McEntire looks up from her phone, lets out an "Okurr!" and heads out.

It's hard not to crack a smile at one of country music's most iconic ladies channeling Cardi B out of the blue. McEntire's clearly having some fun with the whole thing — you can see her try not to laugh as the clip ends — but her "Okurr!" really is impressive (seriously, have you tried to make that sound?!).

The next few months are shaping up well, career-wise, for McEntire: In addition to being featured in the Country Music Hall of Fame's new American Currents exhibit, she's preparing to release a new album, Stronger Than the Truth, which she says will be her most country record yet. The project is due out on April 5, just two days before McEntire will host the ACM Awards; she's hosted the awards show a number of times throughout the years, but 2019 will be her second consecutive year in the gig.

See Reba McEntire Through the Years:

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