News of Jennifer Lopez‘s potential departure from ‘American Idol‘ may have inspired the latest Funny or Die clip, ‘U Be Da Judge,’ in which reality show judges pick a new singing competition judge.

Hosted by Judge Dredd, ‘U Be Da Judge’ pits Kreayshawn, Jane’s Addiction frontman Perry Farrell and a clumsy Warren G against one another in an effort to become a judge on a singing competition show. They’re going meta!

The judges — who are judging the contestants’ ability to be judges (are you following this?) — explain that in order to be a reality show judge, you need to be one of three types: “The mean one, the pushover or the Randy Jackson.”

Perry Farrell appeals to the panel as being the rock n’ roll voice. “You always need a rocker judge,” he offers. “I could do what Steven Tyler‘s doing.” Farrell then launches into Tyler’s signature vocal histrionics, but doesn’t impress them. Kreayshawn (who looks a lot better with black and pink long hair than the blonde and black mess she sported until recently) tells the panel, “I’ll show you how good of a judge I am.” She does this by, well, judging the judges. Warren G’s buzzer-slamming skills were moving enough to earn him a pass to next round.

Debbie Gibson’s audition was by the far the most brief (and pretty hilarious), and she was followed by Natalie Imbruglia, a former judge for Australia’s ‘X Factor‘. “If you want to be a reality show music judge, you have to be able to dispense vague, parting wisdom to contestants.” It’s a much trickier skill than you’d think.

Serj Tankian of System of a Down was next, and he waxed philosophically instead of doing what most presumed he was there for, and was followed by Rogerwaters (not to be confused with Roger Waters) dismissing a whole slew of others in rapid succession. Rebecca Black was the next to get a pass, as she “knows a lot about judgment” following her release of the most viral and worst song ever. Who were the finalists picked for the panel? Watch below and chuckle!

Watch ‘U Be Da Judge’ Video

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