Reese Witherspoon had the opportunity of a lifetime when sitting down to interview Dolly Parton as part of her new series highlighting successful women, Shine on With Reese. During the unscripted show's first episode, Witherspoon flew to Nashville to meet Parton, and spent some time raiding the country legend's closet. People shares all the fun in a snippet of the show (watch above).

As Parton opens her closet doors, the excitement can be seen on Witherspoon's face as she eyes the singer's stage costumes.

"Which one do you want to wear?" Parton asks the actress, then hands her a few costumes to hold. While Witherspoon admires each, she's still startled when one of the costumes sheds a few sequins onto the floor.

“Actually, that happens all the time," Parton reassures her. "Sometimes when I’m on stage, I’m always popping beads and stuff, and they go sweep them up. They give it back to us to sew them on, and they call them ‘Dolly droppings.'”

“I’ve always imagined Dolly Parton’s closet opens, and sequins come flying out,” a relieved Witherspoon confesses.

It is evident that Witherspoon is reveling in the experience, as her face lights up each time Parton hands her a new outfit to hold.

In another segment, Parton shares her path to success, and the importance of working hard. "I think it's wonderful to have ambition. It's great for women to have ambition. You gotta get out and work too," she advises. "A lot of women can hide behind a lot of stuff and use the excuse, 'I didn't make it because I was a girl.' You can make it, if you get out and are willing to sacrifice and work for it.

"Ain't no man gonna stop you if you've got the talent. You may have to work a little bit harder than a man, but it can be done, and I'm a prime example."

The first episode of Shine On with Reese premiered on July 16 on DIRECTV, DIRECTV NOW and U-Verse via the Hello Sunshine VOD channel.

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