Early voting has ended and tomorrow, Tuesday July 14th, our primary election will be held throughout Victoria voting locations. Local officials and news source Crossroads Today are reporting higher than average voting numbers with over 6,000 early voters our of our 55,000 plus Victoria County registered voters.

We can imagine our local candidates are particularly anxious this year as elections were originally scheduled in May only to be postponed due to COVID-19!

Victoria County is excited to see who our new sheriff will be and we wish both Dale Fowler and Justin Marr the best of luck. Also included in the Victoria County primary are David Hagan and Ashley Hernandez who are in the running against Jane Bernal in November for Victoria County Tax Assessor.

Our statewide election includes the Senate run against Republican Senator, John Cornyn with candidates, MJ Hegar and Royce West competing for the Democratic position.

According to the Victoria County Elections office, whose website you can peruse here, offers that for the safety of the community, "voters must wear face coverings."

Red, white, and blue vote buttons background

As always a valid form of ID is required along with no wireless devices allowed within 100 feet of the voting area.

If you have questions about voting, you are welcome to call the Victoria County Elections office. They are always willing to help! Their number is 361-576-0124.

One of the greatest ways you can make your voice heard is by voting. There are several places Victorians can go to vote which we have included here. Polls will be open tomorrow from 7 am to 7 pm.

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