These Halloween yard decorations in Richmond have people talking, including one unhappy neighbor.  Richmond resident Angela Nava, who put up this display, is going head to head with her homeowner's association.   Nava has received a letter from her Homeowners Association giving her 30 days to remove her Halloween display in her yard.  The letter has stated the decorations are 'offensively positioned.'  What do you think?

In an interview from KHOU, Nava states that the idea for this display came to her in the early stages of the pandemic.  Nava states 'we've all been cooped up and it's been just a terrible year,"  She thought that this would bring a few smiles to the world.  She also states "So far, up until this letter that I received last night, everybody who's come by has been incredibly supportive. My neighbors love it," she said.

Well, every neighbor except for one neighbor.  At first, she was going to take the display down, but after the outpouring of support, she is just going to keep it up.  I mean why wouldn't you keep it up?  You have 30 days to take it down and Halloween is this Saturday.  I would say keep it up and continue to enjoy life.

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