Rick Ross avoided doing some major jail time thanks to one of his buddies. The Miami rapper was stopped by police last week while cruising on his boat. Yep, you read that correctly, Rozay has a yacht now.

According to TMZ, authorities from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission pulled Ross’ boat over on Thursday (April 19) after they smelled the order of weed emanating from the vessel. Police conducted a search on the boat but found nothing illegal.

When officers grilled some of the passengers, one of Ross’ friends confessed that he was indeed smoking marijuana. Well, that was very noble of him. But he also claimed that he tossed the sticky icky overboard when he spotted the water police. Yikes! Those freshwater fishes are probably copping a major buzz right now.

A rep for the FWCC told TMZ that no arrests were made since they couldn’t find any drugs onboard. So we can only guess that police gave Ross a slap on the wrist and let him return to his smoking, err, nautical duties.

The lesson — do your recreational smoking on land, inside a residence where no one can see you. Better yet, just say no to drugs.

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