As a theme park enthusiast, stuff like this always is popping up on my social feed. While this incident did not happen in Texas, this type of thing can happen anywhere. The Aero 360 at Kennywood Amusement park near Pittsburg got stuck upside down last month. The ride stayed upside down for about 15 to 20 minutes. In the video below you can see the ride start to come down as the crowd erupts in applause. I would call this a pretty dramatic experience.

Even though this is a permanent ride installation, the ride design probably looks pretty familiar to you. This is the same ride concept as the Kamikaze ride we see here in Victoria from time to time. Have you ever been stuck on a carnival or amusement ride? Let us know in the Facebook comments of this status.

While I have never personally been stuck on a ride, I have witnessed a rescue of riders from a stuck on a Rollercoaster at Sea World last September Read the full store by clicking here.

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Fiesta, Texas now has Dr. Diabolical’s Cliffhanger and it looks absolutely thrilling.  This is the newest thrill ride at Sea World San Antonio and it is pretty intense.  The new attraction is the biggest of its kind in the world and features two pendulum-like arms that will soar progressively higher and higher with each swing. Reaching speeds of 68 miles an hour and heights of 135 feet.

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