Rita Ora has already made a big splash in the United States with ‘R.I.P.’ and ‘How We Do (Party),’ and she’s now prepping to her release another song before her debut album ‘ORA’ hits stores. During an interview with Cleveland’s 96.5 KISS FM, the 21-year-old pop princess revealed that her next U.S. single will be called ‘Radioactive.’

Ora is planning to shoot a video for the song, which was penned by Sia who appears on Flo Rida‘s current hit ‘Wild Ones.’ “‘Radioactive’ is going to be perfect because it’s a breath of fresh air,” says Ora. “And it has a lot of great moments in it. It’s not a pop-pop track, it’s just a very cool track.”

Ora also cautions that her album is not filled with just only dance-pop tunes like ‘R.I.P.’ or ‘How We Do.’ “The good thing about my album is that it doesn’t sound like ‘How We Do’ all the way through,” she says. “Because I want people to know that I like pop music, but I also love reggae music, I love Eric Clapton, I love all these old souls that my dad force me to listen to [growing up].”

“I want to make it really clear that my album doesn’t have one specific genre,” she continues. “Because growing up I’ve never listen to one specific style of music.”

Rita Ora’s debut album ‘ORA’ is tentatively scheduled for release in September.

Watch Rita Ora Announce New U.S. Single ‘Radioactive’

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