Texan Manners Unmasked: Survey Reveals Two of America's "Rudest" Cities

In the vast expanse of Southern hospitality, a recent survey has pinpointed a surprising revelation about the Lone Star State—Texas is home to three of the country's supposedly rudest cities.

According to a Business Insider survey:

1. Dallas: A Rude Awakening at 14th Place

  • Percentage: 6.9%

Dallas secured the 14th spot in the ranking, with almost 7% of respondents pointing fingers at its residents for their perceived lack of manners. In a city known for its cosmopolitan flair, are the manners getting lost in the urban hustle?

2. Austin: A Quirky Vibe with a Dash of Rudeness

  • Percentage: 6.6%

Not far behind, Austin claimed the 16th position, as 6.6% of survey participants deemed it home to the less-than-polite. Amid the live music and vibrant culture, is there an undercurrent of rudeness challenging Austin's reputation?

3. Houston: Southern Charm with a Pinch of Bluntness

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  • Percentage: 5.3%

Houston, another Texan hub, secured the 18th position, with 5.3% of respondents associating the Bayou City with rudeness. In a city boasting diversity and warmth, are there instances where manners take a back seat?

While Texas is renowned for its warm and welcoming spirit, these survey results offer a glimpse into the diverse experiences residents and visitors might encounter in the state's bustling urban centers.

Hold on, Texas—Is This a True Reflection?

It's important to note that the Big Apple, New York City, clinched the top spot for the rudest city in America, with just over a third of survey participants holding this perception, Los Angeles followed closely behind at #2.

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