In a candid survey involving nearly 2,000 individuals, it's official: Texans have emerged as the ultimate rule benders in the United States.


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Texans seem to have a special knack for caving to temptation, as revealed in a survey by Solitaire Bliss. From sneaking Twinkies into diets to trying to sneak to the front of the line faster, the Lone Star State has a craving for pushing the limits.

Here's the scoop from the survey:

  • A whopping 28% of Texans confessed to cheating on their partners.
  • Approximately 40% of Texans have been caught fibbing about their age.
  • An eye-opening 45% of Texans readily admitted to some form of workplace shenanigans.
  • An astounding 51% of Texans confessed to cutting in line at some point.
  • A staggering 77% of Texans have a rebellious relationship with their diets.


While Texas reigns as the cheating champion, it's worth noting that it's not flying solo in this department. Texas, Alabama, and Nebraska are all contenders in the race for the title of most deceitful states. 


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When it comes to cheating, it seems that the most common among Americans is with their diets. Many folks seem to have no qualms about straying from their nutritional path. Shockingly, a majority of cheaters (53%) admit to feeling absolutely no remorse for their actions.


However, it's not all doom and gloom, there are still some states where honesty shines. New Mexico, Maryland, and Minnesota stand out as the beacons of integrity, boasting the most honest citizens.


While some of these findings may raise eyebrows, the fact that nearly three-quarters of Texans cheat on their diets hardly comes as a shocker. In fact, a South Texas town recently claimed the unenviable title of "Most Obese City in America." It's a stark reminder that temptation can be hard to resist.

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