First things first, Happy Independence Day weekend!

We hope you have a fun weekend with a backyard full of friends and family who are all able to get together this year. While some folks may want to avoid crowds (and that's fine), many are now fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and feeling much better about getting back to enjoying life again.

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While the county ordinance prevents Victoria residents from lighting off fireworks within city limits, we all know it still happens. If you do so you may be issued a citation or possible fine so just know before you start your fireworks show. If you're out in the county you can let her rip but just remember to enjoy the fun safely.

The Victoria County Fire Marshals Office has a bunch of reminders about playing it safe on the 4th of July along with several good tips on handling fireworks safely. Scroll through the tips below for some basic reminders and a few things you may have forgotten since the last time. Below the safety tips, you'll also see our Crossroads fireworks map which points out 9 communities all planning a fireworks display along with other activities over the holiday weekend.

Enjoy a Fun and Safe 4th of July with these Fireworks Safety Tips

Nothing beats lighting off fireworks with friends and family on the 4th of July. Follow these tips for a fun celebration that won't involve a trip to the emergency room or a frantic call to the fire department.

Crossroads Fireworks Map For a Poppin' 4th of July

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