That 3-Day Weekend Hits Hard

This Fourth of July is this weekend. That means people are going to be cranking up the tunes, heating up the grills, and hitting up the beach. That three-day weekend always hits harder when you are floating in the water.

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Fourth of July always comes with a celebration- as it should. From family gatherings to fireworks shows, people put in work to celebrate their love of this country; I mean, it is pretty great.

The Theatrics Are Getting Bigger

Every year the theatrics get bigger, gatherings get larger, the plans get more complex. So how on earth can you up your game this year? Bringing the Kettle cooked chips instead of regular chips just won't make the cut. No, you have to do something that will turn heads. Something that people will notice, something that screams "I LOVE AMERICA," but what?

Make This Switch To Up Your Game

If you know you're going to be dipping your toes in some water this Fourth of July, gets ready to up your game. By just making this one switch, you could represent your country and be the star of the show.

Out With The Old In With The New

Toss out your old black tube and level up with a new and improved float. However, not just any new float, no. You are going to want to keep your eye out for a more Americanized float that screams "I love the U.S. of A" 2.0 version of afloat. A head-turner, if you will.

These floats are all over the internet. There are bald eagles that you can soar around the water on or kick back on some patriotic ripped abs; you can even splash around on a food item that is so American it'll have everyone putting their right hand over their heart when you pass by.

Go Ahead, Take a Look

So go ahead, take a look at the most American floats you can get online right now, and have yourself a patriotic Fourth of July this weekend.

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