You may have heard about the massive Saharan dust cloud that has been moving across the Atlantic ocean over the past week. Meteorologists pointed out over a week ago that the passing of these rather large dust storms helps to slow the formation of tropical storms and hurricanes in the Atlantic and the Caribbean.

Well, they are now just about on our doorstep. In the next few days, Texans will soon see the skies over Houston, Victoria, and San Antonio begin to become hazy. These conditions will intensify by Friday and Saturday.

This particular dust storm is a rather large one. Not only will it limit visibility and some of the rainfall over the next few days, but it may also cause those with allergies to find the upcoming weekend to be very uncomfortable if you suffer from asthma. Look for the worst of the haze and dust to impact South Texas Thursday through Saturday. reports that this particular dust storm is one of the largest on record going back to 2002.



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