If you have been following the news in the city of San Antonio you may have seen some of the footage from protests happening right outside the walls of our beloved Texas Alamo. While the scene was tense at times a few days ago, the city has now begun to move temporary fencing into downtown San Antonio to protect one of the state's oldest historic landmarks.

If you have never been to visit the Alamo, I can't stress enough moving this up on your Texas bucket list. You'll love the history and the feeling that comes right up out of the ground as you take a guided tour or just stroll along with the compound.

The tweet from the Alamo above mentions the fencing is in response to recent protests and was a joint idea by both the city and the San Antonio Police Department. The fences will secure the area and stay in place for as long as necessary. As of today, the fencing is out in front of the Alamo from Crockett to Houston street. Another section has been placed along the north side of the Alamo from Houston to the Long Barrack. You can see how close protestors got to the entrance in the video below.

The city expects the demonstrations to continue this week and in response, they have closed down Alamo Plaza to traffic each night from 8:30 pm to 6 am. These closures will continue through at least June 7th according to News4SanAntonio.

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