A San Antonio woman's life flashed before her eyes as the most unbelievable item launched straight through her windshield.


TikTok @420juicy

Shavone Canales was driving on the I-10 just outside of Converse, Texas when suddenly her windshield shattered. Canales pulled over and quickly called 9-1-1 after realizing the danger she had just put in.

In a video posted to TikTok, Canales reveals a massive spear sticking out of her front windshield. The spear, nearly 4 feet long, was launched into her windshield, piercing into her steering wheel, just inches away from her body. 


TikTok @420juicy

Canales was startled and confused. She had no idea who could have or would have wanted to throw the spear at her. In her caption, she explained, "This was NOT anyone I know nor was it road rage."

From her perspective, it seems as though it was a completely reckless and random act, "Some literally launched this at my car from the side of the road," the caption continued.


TikTok @420juicy

People quickly began to recognize the spear. One person commented, 

"My fiancé has that exact spear it’s from academy! Check local stores for recent purchases of this item!! I’m so sorry this happened to you!!"


By the looks of it, Academy Sports + Outdoors sells spears, One in particular looks incredibly similar to the one launched into Canales' front windshield, nearly missing her body.

Many other people became concerned after admitting this was the second video they had seen recently where someone was almost struck by a spear-like weapon. 

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