Scammers try all kinds of things to con you out of your money, like calling you about a debt you probably don't actually owe and asking you to pay with prepaid debit cards. Really? Some even to claim to be from the Internal Revenue Service. If that doesn't raise a red flag, now some are even trying to get you to pay a bogus tax bill with iTunes gift cards.

How could anyone fall for this? Does anyone with any common sense really believe that the IRS would accept iTunes, or any other gift cards for that matter as payment?

First of all, any government agency or legitimate creditor that needs to contact you is legally required to do it by U.S.Mail. Secondly, they would never accept payment on a legitimate debt in the form of a gift card. And another thing, if you do owe money to any government agency, they will never ask you to wire money, either.

According to the Better Business Bureau, the iTunes gift card scam has been reported by victims or potential victims at least 231 times nationwide so far this year.

So, when answering the phone, be wary of any attempt to collect money. If you suspect someone is trying to rip you off, hang up the phone, and contact the agency of business to confirm if it was legit.

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