Selena Gomez sat down to record a YouTube Q+A with her fans, where she dished on her new, edgier film roles.

Gomez said she was extremely excited about her new parts because they’re out of her comfort zone. “One of the favorite things I’ve been doing this year has been focusing on more acting,” Gomez said. “For me it’s been fun to take risks and do things that are completely different. To be honest, maybe some of you guys may not be comfortable with it,” she said, referring to her young fanbase, “but I’m not doing anything that I’m completely uncomfortable with doing. I’m still the same person, but it’s fun to take risks and do things that really challenge me.”

Gomez revealed that in addition to ‘Spring Breakers‘ and ‘Aftershock,’ she’ll also star in a movie called ‘The Getaway’ — and that she’s making another album!

“I’m doing another movie called The Getaway with Ethan Hawke,” she gushed. “It’s really, really exciting. I go to Bulgaria and then I start filming … It’s more of an action movie, which is also different. So we’re doing that and then hopefully another movie, but that hasn’t really been confirmed yet. Then I’ll start working on my fourth album, which will be the best album I’ll ever do!”

“I’m kind of holding off on music for a bit just so I can have experiences and then write about it,” she explained. Sounds like her fourth record will be action packed!

Gomez also gushed about ‘Spring Breakers’ director Harmony Korine. “He is such a brilliant director,” she said, her eyes widening. “Harmony Korine is so smart, and I’ve never been more challenged. He gave us direction, but half the time he would just let us do our own thing, and I love direction. So I’d be like, ‘Okay, do I need to be angry? Do I need to be sad?’ And he would just say, ‘Do what your character would do. Do what Faith would do,’” Selena explained.

“It stressed me out so much because he gave me this freedom to really prove myself, and he was so supportive and just like, ‘I want to help you, I really want to help you,’” she continued. “He’s so great, and he and Rachel are such a great team. I had such a great time. I’d want to work with him forever if I could. Best director!”

Gomez also addresses how she deals with haters (we didn’t think it was possible to hate her!), her next tour and her favorite IHOP dish. One thing she didn’t talk about? Her ‘Boyfriend‘ singing boyfriend!

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