I must say, the days when intern Alex comes into the radio station are tons of fun. This girl is just a magnet for fun stories and odd occurrences. I know that twice a week, I'm going to hear some funny story that will create a laugh out loud moment for everyone in the office.

When she arrived on New Year's Eve, somehow we got on the subject of traveling salesman or saleswomen. Alex had an encounter with a traveling saleswoman earlier this week, and before she was done with the story, we told her to sit down and write about it for us.

Do you tip workers who give you fantastic service? --most of us probably have. Well, what about impulsively tipping a random person on the spot because of their personality?--there may be less nodding right about now.

Well, that's exactly what went down this week at my house.
If you live in the Crossroads, you may have encountered a very spunky door-to-door salesperson lately. A woman has been spotted in neighborhoods around Victoria selling some multipurpose cleaner.

Well, earlier this week, I had the privilege of meeting this saleswoman. 

Scroll down and watch a preview video at the end.


Around 2:30 pm, I heard a knock at my door. I proceeded to open the door to see who it was, and that's when I see her. A younger woman hauling a suitcase with her was standing there, happy as can be. I was immediately met with a "HAYYY!" as soon as my door opened up--and that's when I knew I was about to be hit with a good time.

The young woman explains to me that she is selling a multipurpose cleaner and hands me a pamphlet. As I read through the pamphlet, she begins to demonstrate the effectiveness of her product--at this point, the energy has not died down, we are at a good 7.2 on the Richter scale.


In conversation, she shares some of her main aspirations and tells me she is trying to earn some money to go to school.


This ambitious young woman was fully loaded with puns and phrases that were so skillfully squeezed into the conversation. As she sprays then wipes a part of my shoe to show how clean it is, pausing for a moment, she says she is going to borrow her little brother's toothbrush to get a more in-depth clean-- as she pulls out a wire brush. 


Honestly, at this point, I can begin to feel a stomach cramp coming on because I have laughed at least 50% of the time so far. The cramp was fully engaged and set-in-stone as she walks toward my front window and sprays it, commenting, "Girl, you got more windows than Microsoft!". At that point, just lay me to rest because I was DEAD. Cramp or not, I can't hold in the chuckles.


As we get down to the nitty-gritty on the actual sale, I cut her short. My response was, "Um, I don't want any of this, but you know what-I gotta tip you because you have one hell of a personality." After, she was grateful and thanked me, wished me a happy New Year, and went on her way.


To be honest, I don't remember much about the actual product, and I really don't know if everything she said was true or just to make a sale, but the woman's personality and spunk will stay in my memories for a good while. 

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