One of the most disturbing serial killers from Alaska ended his killing streak right here in Lufkin, Texas.


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On February 2, 2012, a young woman went missing from her job at a popular coffee shop. After an employee went to open up the shop for the morning he noticed things were out of place and doors unlocked. He knew they had been robbed so he informed his boss.

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The prior night, 18-year-old Samantha Koenigworked the night shift at the coffee shop. Video footage would show a terrifying scene. Samantha was robbed at the drive-thru window. The suspect pointed a gun at her, tied her hands together with a rope, then quickly leaps through the window, and marches her into his truck.


Samantha was taken to the suspect's house and hidden in a shed. Samantha had her throat wrapped with a rope, then anchored to the wall. She was given cigarettes and assured things would be fine once he received the ransom money.

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Keyes left the shed and went inside to check on his wife and 10-year-old daughter who were just feet away in their home. Soon after he went back to the shed and removed the rope from her throat and cut her tip toes from her hands.

Ruthlessness, this was just a game for him; he aggressively tied her back up; Samantha knew what was going to happen. She was assaulted, then stabbed and choked to death. Her body was rolled up in a tarp, where she stayed for two weeks while Keyes went on vacation to New Orleans with his daughter.


When he returned home, Keyes unrolled Samantha, dressed her, stitched her eyes open, then took photos of her. These are the photos that were eerily sent with the ransom note.

Keyes chopped Samantha's body up and threw her into a lake. He was eventually caught in Lufkin, Texas after a policeman recognized his car from an atm video the FBI received during a withdrawal from Samantha's account.

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As it turns out, Israel Keyes was a serial killer who had "kill kits" buried all over for when he had the urge to kill.

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