Adult Swim is known for many things. They are known for their cutting edge humor. They are known for their unique channel imaging. But now they are gonna be known because of their hot cartoon chicks.

Here are the most delectable cartoon sex kittens Adult Swim has to offer.


Here are the most delectable cartoon sex kittens Adult Swim has to offer.

Cartoon Network


Dr. Girlfriend [Venture Bros.]



Dr. Girlfriend is the sexy criminal genius and girlfriend of Dr. Venture's self proclaimed arch-rival, The Monarch. She serves as the brains behind The Monarch's evil butterfly horde. She's a master thief and also has a voice that will make your erection tremble in fear.


Cartoon Network


Skwisgaar's Mom [Metalocalypse]



Skwisgaar's mom knows how to make quite the entrance. She commands a room. She's a lady who likes to sit back, have a drink and roll out the good times. Her free spirit has caused Skwisgaar some emotional damage over the years, which helps to fuel his metal. Oh, and she's definitely a humanitarian, even going as far as to fellate Dr. Rockzo the Rock n' Roll Clown. He does cocaine.


Cartoon Network


Lois [Family Guy]



Peter's faithful wife Lois is hot for many reasons — she's a dynamo in the sack, she knows how to use her powers of seduction AND she married Peter. That last fact alone brings her hotness to another level completely. Lois gives overweight guys with less than blessed mental capacities hope that they too might snag a ridiculously sexy woman to share their lives with in hot sexy bliss.


Cartoon Network


Antagony [Frisky Dingo]



Antagony was created by way of radioactive ants. They turned reporter/girlfriend of Xander Crews into a bloodthirsty maniacal monster women… with a great rack. And when she bestows a beating upon someone, she even makes that fun.


Cartoon Network


Sarah Dubois [The Boondocks]



Sarah is the wife of attorney Thomas Dubois. She is fiercely political and can fiercely rock out a red dress. She's obsessed with Usher… and even met him once. Their conversation ruined her husbands evening, since it's scary when Usher strikes up a conversation with your hot wife!


Cartoon Network


Lavona Succuboso [Metalocalypse]



The incredible popularity of Dethklok has made life difficult for Nathan Explosion in many ways. Case in point– Lavona Succuboso. She leads a faction of psychotic women who will stop at nothing to bear Explosion's child to create a race of warriors to devastate the planet. She is deadly in battle and also in a skin tight top.


Cartoon Network


Lt. Junior Grade Sasha Caylo [Titan Maximum]



Titan Maximum is a hilarious stop-motion show that centers around the pilots of a Voltron-like battle robot called Titan Maximum. Lt. Junior Grade Sasha Caylo pilots the left arm. She's sassy and down to give other chicks a run for their money.


Cartoon Network


Francine Smith [American Dad]



Francine is a woman with a bizarre past, that has brought on some serious behavioral issues in her adult life. But, she's also down for a wild time between the sheets. Francine might even be too much to handle for a timid man.


Cartoon Network


Molotov Cocktease [The Venture Bros.]



Molotov Cocktease is the ultimate woman. She is deadly and so beautiful any guy on the planet in his right mind would be down to look her in her good eye and proclaim his love. She has a torrid past as the lover of the uber-badass Brock Samson and we are pretty sure the sex they had was insanely violent.


Cartoon Network


Granny Cuyler [Squidbillies]



Granny Cuyler is by far the sexiest chick on the entire Adult Swim lineup and has earned her spot on the top of this list… the hard way. She is experienced in the bedroom having slept with countless truckers. She'll show you how to do an evening right. Granny also has all those extra arms… think of the possibilities!!!


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