Move over, J. Law! America has a new Girl Crush and her name is Shailene Woodley. The 'Divergent' star looked fine in a leather LBD on 'The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon' (March 12), although we were thrown by the penis-shaped herbal remedies she brought!

Woodley toted a bag of natural fixer uppers for the host, saying, "So it's cold and flu season. These are herbs you can find in your grocery store so you can keep your immune system up."

The actress suggested ginger root, which aids in curing stomach cramps and indigestion, as well as flavoring tea, and raw garlic, which has anti-viral and anti-septic qualities, in addition to staving off parasites and vampires.

"If you feel sick, eat raw garlic," the star suggested. "I had some this morning, you might be like, 'Shai, stay away, you have fire dragon breath.'"

Forget the garlic breath. She busted out the penis-shaped horseradish and it was all over for Fallon.

"Have you ever seen the actual root before? This is what horseradish looks like in its form," she said, firm-handedly grasping the root (which is shaped exactly like a below-the-waist part of the male anatomy) and reminding us that it's good for the sinuses.

Fallon's reply? He said, "I've never seen one this size before. Normally, it's grated up in shrimp cocktail sauce. Shrimp, I'm very familiar with, by the way. Very familiar. Almost too familiar with shrimp."

Oh, the double entendre. And yes, we're crushing hard on S. Woodley.

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