Sheryl Crow has always said she felt bad for ex-fiance Lance Armstrong as stories of his doping swirled and his Tour de France titles were stripped -- but no one ever asked her on the record if she knew what was going on during her two-year relationship with the disgraced cyclist.

But in the wake of Armstrong’s big Oprah interview, new information has come to light that indicates the Grammy Award-winning singer was fully aware of his shenanigans.

In sworn affidavits provided to the United States Anti Doping Association, two people have now said that Armstrong asked a teammate to cover up his drug use, and that Crow was in the room when it happened.

In 2004, Irish journalist David Walsh published a French-language book about Armstrong titled ‘LA Confidentiel.' Despite its limited release, its assertions about Armstrong’s doping were a definite threat, and when Walsh did a promotional interview a short time later, he said Betsy Andreu -- wife of Armstrong's cycling teammate Frankie Andreu -- would testify under oath that she and Frankie heard Armstrong admit to doctors who treated his testicular cancer in 1996 that he'd taken steroids.

According to sworn statements by the Andreus, shortly after this was made public in 2004, Frankie was called into a meeting with Armstrong, who tried to convince his former teammate to sign a statement retracting what he said he'd witnessed, and to convince Betsy to do the same.

The couple says Crow, who was then Armstrong's girlfriend, was also in the room when the request was made, and that her presence made Frankie reluctant to discuss the situation at all.

It's the first time that Crow has been directly implicated in Armstrong’s doping scandal. Thus far, requests for comment from her reps have been met with resounding (and understandable) silence.

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