Let's Show Stout Beer Some Love

The first week of November introduces a very near and dear day for me, 'international Stout Day'. Look, I don't need much of a reason to celebrate, so what better time than now to grab a cold one.

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Stout beer may not be for everyone but if you're a coffee-lover, then you might want to give it a try. I love me an Irish Car Bomb myself, but some pretty tame and mild stout drinks could satisfy your palette.

You have Guinness of course but let's support the Lone Star state with some Texas-made brews because we have plenty to go around.

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Spoetzl Makes Some Killer Stout Beer

Of course, just down the road from the Crossroads, Shiner Beer at Spoetzl Brewery in Shiner Texas. They have plenty of stout beers, and an especially delicious one for coffee lovers with their cold brew coffee ale, yum!

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Hip, Laid Backed Vibes

If you find yourself roaming around Houston one afternoon, set your GPS for Equal Parts Brewing. This radical place gives off such super cool and chill vibes without them even trying. If you are looking for a stout beer do yourself a favor and order a Black Rain. This super dark brew has "11.1% abv Mexican Chocolate stout made with cacao, Ceylon cinnamon, and dried ancho and red hatch chilies."

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Out of This World Brew

This brewery is located in Houston and it's incredibly interesting. So just imagine a group of rocket scientists gathered around a table one night and was like," hey let's make some out of this world brew", and so they did. This beer is literally scientific. There is one stout in particular that is aggressive(just the way I like it.)

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Bourbon Barrel, this stour beer is aged for 16 months let realized to the masses. It's an aggressive beer that has an alcohol volume of 13.7% so it's no Michelob. They posted on Instagram giving a word of advice, "But for real… it’s 13.7%, so maybe sharing is caring with this one 😬

Keep It Local


Honestly, if you're staying local but craving that stout taste, just head to Aerocrafters and get just order a flight of stout beer, bartenders choice! Try out different beers and find your next favorite one.

Go Bar Exploring with Houston's Brew Pass

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