Please don’t start panic buying Miller Lite, it’s gonna be okay.

Just the other day I went to one of my favorite liquor stores here in town and noticed they were way low on Miller Lite. I just figured it was a screwup in the supply chain and not a big deal, but then I came across a story from the Associated Press saying there actually is a shortage of Miller Lite as well as Coors Light.

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Since those happen to be my go-to brewskies, I figured I’d better read on. Turns out, Molson Coors Beverage Company fell victim to a cyber attack that disrupted brewing operations and shipments. What kind of merciless savages want to take our beer away from us? I’m seriously starting to lose faith in mankind.

The cyberattack could also lead to a shortage in Blue Moon and Pilsner Urquell, both of which are also made by Molson Coors.

The company said in a regulatory filing that it has hired forensic information technology experts and legal counsel to investigate the hack and is working around the clock to return to normal operations:

The company is working around the clock to get its systems back up as quickly as possible.

It’s not clear at the moment whether or not the cyberattack was part of the global hack of the servers that run the Microsoft Exchange email software. That attack affected various manufacturers, small businesses, law firms and city governments.

Hopefully, they get everything worked out sooner rather than later, because God forbid I actually have to drink something else.

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