Somewhere along the way, February 28th was declared Public Sleeping Day. There is no record of what tired person made this so, but the fact is that it’s a day. A day when you can go out and sleep in public, if you dare.

If you do get caught sleeping in public, it’s likely that someone with a camera built into their phone will take a video of you and post it on YouTube. This makes your sleeping even more public.

Since it’s more fun and cute to watch animals sleeping, and because animals aren’t afraid to sleep anywhere or any time and they can do some weird things in their sleep, to celebrate this snoozy day, we have found 15 very adorable and somewhat noisy sleepers. (Hopefully these animals have been checked for sleep apnea.)

Hummingbird Snores

This little guy in Peru is on his way to becoming an internet sensation. He’s sleeping soundly while making cute little bird noises. We call this blend of snoring and tweeting, sneeting.

Snoring Dormouse

Another mini-sized animal already knows what it’s like to be an internet sensation. You can’t make a list of noisy, sleeping cuties without the heavily hibernating, snoring dormouse.

Budgie Chats While Sleeping

Some animals snore, others have conversations. Listen to this budgie chatting away in his sleep. It makes you wonder who he’s talking to.

Puppy or Kazoo?

This bulldog puppy is sound asleep. Sound being the operative word. They say he’s snoring, but we wonder if he swallowed a kazoo.

One-eyed Cat Snoring

Part pirate, part buzz saw, this cute kitten snoozes away until he realizes he’s being watched. That’s a lot of noise to come out of such a little cat.

Hamster Snores

Snoring is not just for dogs and cats, the really little pets get to have their fun too. And, when you snore inside a tube, it becomes an echo chamber.

Snoring Duckling

How can a duck snore if it doesn’t have a nose? And, does the duck’s snore echo? All questions we can’t answer, but we can hear this fluffy chick sawing logs.

Guinea Pig Snoozes

Not only is this guinea pig snoring its cute little head off, he has face-planted himself in his food dish. It doesn’t look comfortable, but it makes getting breakfast a lot easier.

Bunny Snores

As if lop eared rabbits weren’t cute enough, this guy takes it one step further by snoring contentedly while snuggling in his owner’s arms. He wins sleeping.

Pet Pig Snoring

A potbellied pig can make a nice pet, unless you want to sleep at night. Listen to this one snoring away as he catches some ZZZs and think about how noisy naptime can be.

Loud Snoring Horses

Horses are usually depicted as regal, agile animals who move beautifully and seem very majestic. Apparently, every once in a while, you catch them sound asleep in their pasture snoring like the wind, instead of running like the wind.

Chihuahua Wakes Himself Up

Something this guy ate came back to haunt him in his sleep and then woke him right up. He probably wonders who made the loud noise that disturbed his slumber and he may never know it was him.

Best Friends Nap

Every pet loves to nap with its owners. And now man can bond with his best friend over one more similarity — a love of naps and synchronized snoring.

Big Puppies Make Big Snores

These two very large bloodhound pups make more noise while they’re sleeping than any puppy should. And, based on one’s reaction to being woken up, they don’t seem to care.

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