The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued a " recommendation" following previous "social distancing" guidelines on Sunday. According to the CDC recommendation, no gatherings with 50 people or more, including weddings, festivals, parades, concerts, sporting events or conferences should commence in the United States for the next eight weeks in what the New York Times calls " one of the federal government’s most sweeping efforts to slow the spread of the coronavirus."

"Social distancing" as has been defined by the University of John Hopkins includes avoiding large gatherings, not shaking hands or hugging, and keeping within 6 feet from each other. The thought being that the less opportunity we have to spread COVID-19, the faster our recovering curve will be.

The C.D.C. was quick to offer that although their recommendation could dramatically change life in the United States over the course of the next two months, the recommendation did not apply to the daily operations of schools and businesses.

This poses a major issue for countless businesses who rely on public socialization, such as restaurants for their livelihood. Still, the health and well-being of our community is paramount so businesses are making adjustments.

National restaurants like Chic-fil-A and Starbucks are opting to stay open by offering guests " to go" drive through service for our convenience.

If you are unsure if your favorite local restaurant is open, best practice would be to call ahead and then ordering it to go!


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