As Hurricane Marco and Tropical Storm Laura get closer to landfall, officials warn that it's smart to be prepared for a possible worst-case scenario.

With that in mind, Gov. Abbott declared 23 counties in Texas in a state of disaster ahead of the possible wake of Hurricane Marco and Tropical Storm Laura.

Experts at the National Weather Service have advised with Laura's weather pattern that this Tropical Storm could possibly become a Category Three Hurricane leaving only 48 hours to potentially evacuate if it reaches land.

Models show the potential for over 15 inches of rain for Harrison County and Gov. Abbott along with officials says it's best to be prepared.  "Your life is far more valuable than your belongings," Gov. Abbott offers to Texans in Sundays press conference.

NHC Advisory 18A for Tropical Storm Laura 8-24-2020

According to KHOU-11 " Abbott said that, among other personnel and services from various agencies, the Texas Military Department is mobilizing more than 800 personnel. The Texas Department of Emergency Management has ordered 100 buses to arrive at the Alamo Regional Command Center on Sunday and the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) has ordered 50 ambulances and medical support personnel," in order to be prepared ahead of the storm.

Gov. Abbott also offered his gratitude in a press release to FEMA and President Trump. "Texas is grateful to President Trump and our partners at FEMA for quickly granting this Federal Emergency Declaration," said Governor Abbott. "As Tropical Storms Marco and Laura head towards the coast, the State of Texas is working with local and federal partners to ensure our communities have the resources they need to respond to these storms."

As our neighbors to the east prepare for the potential weather ahead, we ask our fellow Victorians to stay weatherwise and stay tuned to Townsquare Media stations for up to date weather information and advisories. 

Why the jump ahead? Local meteorologist, Trey Meynig of KAVU recently reminded Victoria that, "Victorian's didn't survive Harvey as a Category Four hurricane. By the time Harvey made its way to Victoria, it has slowed to a Category One."

Think about that for a minute. Harvey was a Catagory One by the time it hit Victoria. Laura has the potential to be a Catagory Three for Houston.

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