Stefano Langone gets to live the high life in his music video for ‘I’m on a Roll.’ Now the ‘American Idol‘ alum has released behind-the-scenes footage from the shoot that shows just how much fun it was to spend a day cruising around Hollywood.

The secret scenes are narrated by Stefano and director Mickey Finnegan, who explains the simple concept: “Stefano sings about being on a roll. We kinda went with that concept, and what we’re doing is, Stefano starts his day, and it just progressively gets better. He’s just literally on a roll.”

Langone wears a robe off-camera for his opening scene, where he wakes up in bed. Next, it’s off to the pool, where he shares champagne with girls in bikinis and sings, “Life’s good, you know I ain’t gonna lie / I’m gonna light it up like the fourth of July.” Through it all, Stefano has a huge smile on his face, looking thrilled to be shooting his first official video.

Just when it seems like things can’t get any better, Stefano heads to the roof of the Roosevelt Hotel, where he’s joined by Ben J of New Boyz for a scene that, Langone explains, “is basically just us being ballers.” An epic pillow fight finishes things off.

Langone placed seventh on Season 10 of ‘Idol’ and signed a deal with Hollywood Records. He returned to the show in April to perform ‘I’m on a Roll.’

Watch Behind-the-Scenes Footage from Stefano’s ‘I’m on a Roll’ Video