Last night saw future 'Late Show' host Stephen Colbert dropping by David Letterman's standing regime to preview a bit of his impending takeover, dropping the 'Colbert Report' character for the genuine article. We've seen that Colbert apparently had something of a past with the program, but for those more interested in his future, check out Colbert's first official 'Late Show' Top Ten!

Colbert revealed to Letterman that he and his writing team concocted the Top Ten Cocktails For Santa list some 17 years earlier as part of a spec script for new 'Late Show' writers. Having recently been signed for Comedy Central's 'Strangers with Candy,' nothing came of the 'Late Show''s interest in meeting with Colbert, though he managed to dig out the list -- written on blue card and all -- for last night's appearance.

Of course, we won't see Colbert's actual first Top Ten until his official takeover in 2015, assuming the 'Colbert Report' leader doesn't retire the segment altogether, though Paul Shaffer and the graphics team were kind enough to give Colbert the official Top Ten intro, much to Letterman's chagrin.

We certainly hope Colbert keeps the major 'Late Show' bits upon his 2015 takeover, but in the meantime, check out Stephen's first take at the Top Ten in the video above. Tell us in the comments how you want to see the transition handled next year!

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