On a recent grocery trip to Texas fan-favorite H.E.B. while on the hunt for "mini-tamales' we came across arguably the most interesting flavor of tamales we'd ever seen.

Totally forgetting about mini tamales we came across and bought these instead...

Strawberry tamales.

Not only are strawberry tamales a 'thing' they are a part of a tamale grouping known as 'tamales de dulce.' They are trending AND on sale right now at H.E.B. 

First, a quick history of tamales because before you eat ANYTHING you should know where it came from. Just kidding. We just think the history of tamales is pretty cool.

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The first tamales were made as early as 7,000 B.C., before corn had been fully domesticated! From the start, the tamale had religious significance because for the Aztecs, 'Teocintle' was the name of a maize god. And if you love tamales, you know, a perfect tamale is heaven. Just saying.

Now, if you've never tried a sweet strawberry tamale, you're not alone, but they are very popular in Mexico, known as just one of the "sweet" tamale flavors of tamales de dulce, you can find on the streets of Mexico. TRENDING and TRADITIONAL!

In fact, just like in Mexico, H.E.B. is also offering several sweet tamales flavors like pineapple, pumpkin, and strawberry too. They are not only delicious with a hint of sweetness; they are pretty to look at and taste great with a mug of authentic Mexican hot cocoa.

Photo courtesy of mylatinatable.com
Photo courtesy of mylatinatable.com

Told you! Super pretty! Here is a great article about them from My Latina Table to read here.

Now with a dozen of each sweet tamale flavor on sale for $5.99 at H.E.B. right now, it's hard to beat the price ESPECIALLY knowing how labor intense tamales are, and for anyone who has ever made tamales, they will tell you ALL tamales in ANY flavor, if cooked authentically is going to be LABOR INTENSE.

However, if you insist on making them yourself or want to try your hand at tamales here is a great video on how to make sweet tamales yourself courtesy of Let's Cook That

And you've got to watch this HILARIOUS and HONEST video on "Latinos Try Tamales De Dulce" by Pero Like

Let us know if YOU try strawberry tamales and what you think of them!

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