There are certain images and sounds that trigger past time memories. You might see a photo of a blue carpet with glow-in-the-dark neon designs and vaguely think of your childhood.

Decayed and Abandoned

There is a beloved Texas mall that has decayed over the years. This place was a favorite among South Texans. A place that was booming with business and the go-to shopping center back in its days.

The Good Run Is Over

The Sunrise Mall was built in the early 80s and had a good run, however, those times are over. The decline of the mall happened over time, and throughout the years it tried to continue to function. However, in 2019, it officially closed its doors.

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The Doors Are Closed But The Memories Remain

The building still remains but it is closed to the public. No demolishing has happened yet. Memories are loaded inside this dead mall. Families would come from all over to have a shopping day. Kids would play in the arcade and teens could meet up with their friends after school at the food court.

Check It Out

Scroll down and check out what the mall looks like now. Get ready for some major nostalgia to kick in. The place looks sad and a bit creepy, floors are dusty, paint is gone, staircases are blocked; it's a mess.

Nothing Sunny About This Place

Check out 28 images of the now abandoned and dead mall in Corpus Christi, Texas. The Sunrise Mall will shine no more.

Take A Look Inside the Decayed and Abandoned Sunrise Mall

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