When it comes to tipping the scales, we'd rather have our huge bank accounts do it and not our huge bellies.

A survey of more than 2,000 Americans over the age of 18 has found that most of us would rather owe money than pack on weight. To be more specific, 72% would rather maintain the debt they currently have than gain 25 pounds and be totally debt-free.

Our physical appearance seems to be a huge concern – 64% say they focus more on their physical appearance than their debt. A total of 68% of women agree with that, as opposed to 61% of men. In total, 70% of all respondents are more worried about their physical health than their financial well-being.

All of these statistics fall in line with research that says Americans routinely save less than 5% of their disposable income annually and only 25% of us save enough money to survive for at least six months.


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