Taylor Swift has become a bit of a fashion icon to fans, with her familiar and iconic red-stained lips and black eyeliner look being copied by young girls who revere her. In this new, behind-the-scenes footage of her recent CoverGirl commercial, the ‘Mean’ singer explains that the whole message of her latest cosmetics company campaign is “See Yourself, Be Yourself.” So rather than hide behind makeup, use it as a tool to enhance natural beauty.

Swift, who recently admitting to substituting a Sharpie for eyeliner in a pinch, said, “I see it as self-awareness” when it comes to this campaign.

She also admitted, “I try to experiment as much as I possibly can.”

For her recent tour, she and her glam squad created nine different looks to incorporate over the course of a two-hour show. “My inspiration for different looks, as far as makeup, comes from things … If I see fans in my meet and greet line, if I see a girl show up in this amazing, shocking teal shadow, I may try it the next night.” Hear that, Swift fans? Taylor might crib your look! So make sure you look your best if you get to meet her, since she might borrow your style and that would be the biggest compliment she could ever pay you.

The country-pop crossover star considers herself a “rebel in some ways but not in others. You pick which ways you want to rebel.” With that black and silver smoky eye look, which you can see above, she looks every bit the rebel.

It’s Swift’s job to hawk the CoverGirl products, but she’s not overbearing about it. She even offers her tips on how to use the cosmetics and achieve her looks.

Watch Taylor Swift Behind-the-Scenes at Her CoverGirl Commercial