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Taylor Swift Wins the Decade!

This week, Taylor swift will be crowned as The Artist of the Decade during the 2019 American Music Awards. This well-deserved accolade is being presented to her after she won more AMAs this decade than any other artist, in addition to having the most AMAs for a female artists — ever! Swift will perform a medley of her hits during the show. Congrats Taylor, you worked hard for this!

Curb your Christmas Cheer

Just because it isn't Halloween anymore does NOT make it Christmas! Personally, I could wait another month to hear any more about Mariah Carey's wish-list, and I am not alone. A consumer poll found that 36 percent of respondents left stores where Christmas music was playing too early. Radio stations nationwide race to see who can ring in the holiday season first, and that is one race I willingly forfeit! (via PhillyVoice)

Tyler Perry's Movie Studio is a Perfect Venue for ANY Occasion

The studio has been open less than a month, yet it has people lining up to hold their events there. The $250 million studio has been selected for democratic debates and now the upcoming Miss Universe Pageant! Hosted by Steve Harvey, the pageant will broadcast live from Tyler Perry Studios Dec. 8. Anyone have an in at the studio? I need to get there ASAP! (via TheShadeRoom)

Fire Victims Receive Shelter

Feel-good story time! Californian Airbnb hosts are offering thousands of people displaced by wildfires a place to stay. The fires are tearing through communities and the residual effects of power outages and water shortages are making living impossible. As a form of relief efforts, the hosts will allow those displaced to stay until Nov. 7 free of charge. It's an act of humanity that is simple, yet almost unheard of! (via TheShadeRoom)

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