When Taylor Swift wasn’t too busy singing with Zac Efron on ‘Ellen,’ she was showing off her kitten, Meredith. She came on the show armed with photos and video of the adorable fur ball, and host Ellen Degeneres was simultaneously in awe and envious of Swift’s feline friend.

“Just to rub it in my face that your cat is cuter than my cats, you brought a video,” Degeneres teased Swift. Swift was bashful. “Yeah,” she said sheepishly. “I take a lot of videos of the cat.”

Swift is a well-documented cat lover. She first debuted Meredith (whom she calls her “roommate”) in November, and even the stickers on her computer in her office from the ‘Ours‘ video are of cats. As a result, when she was called a “cat lady” on her birthday, she didn’t mind. In fact, she just went on praising her kitten! “She’s awesome,” Swift gushed about Meredith. “She’s like one of those cats that gives cats a good name… She’s really friendly and fun.”

This particular clip was called ‘Cat Fail.’ You’ll see why when you watch, but here’s a hint: it involves a kitten, a pillow and a lack of both balance and foresight.

Watch Meredith in Taylor Swift’s Home Video Called ‘Cat Fail’

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