Taylor Swift has kept a low profile in the three weeks since she was a featured player in Kim Kardashian's "Famous" Snapchat videos. But she has hopped back onto Instagram twice to send birthday wishes to famous friends Selena Gomez and Karlie Kloss (she's also used Instagram's less committal new Stories feature) and on August 6, she even put in a brief performance at a ritzy birthday party in The Hamptons. The song? Nelly's "Dilemma" from 2002, and she joined none other than the St. Louis rapper-singer himself.

Dressed in all black save for sneakers that matched Nelly's all-white ensemble, Taylor chose put her own Taylor-ish flair into the performance (noodle-limbed dancing, crunching her hair with her hand) instead of attempting to channel Kelly Rowland, the ex-Destiny's Child member who sings on the original.

While onstage, Swift also danced over to give oil heir Mike Hess a peck on the cheek — while some media outlets had misreported the event as Karlie Kloss' birthday party, it was Hess' 30th at which Nelly was the hired entertainment. According to a 2013 New York Times article, Hess used to be the talk of Harvard Business School for his cartoonishly opulent, star-studded (and now private) Instagram feed. Wealth certainly has its privileges: Hamilton star Leslie Odom Jr. also performed at Hess' birthday. Lucky!

See more video of Taylor and Nelly, who also performed "Hot In Herre" together at Taylor's 1989 World Tour back in September 2015, and Odom Jr. with Hess performing below.

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