UPDATE: Sadly it appears that one of the twins' bodies has been found on the shore this morning.

A parent's worst nightmare. 

A search continues after officials say 13-year-old twin boys were reported missing while in the water at Pleasure Pier on Sunday.

Pleasure Pier is a famous amusement pier in Galveston known for it's family friendly atmosphere. Pleasure Pier is dubbed as "one of the few spots in the world that has this many rides over the water." 

Springtime and especially Spring Break in particular is one of the busiest times of the year for the pier and their website which you can view here, offers tips on how to avoid the biggest crowds.

According to Galveston Beach Patrol, the twins were last seen in the water on the west side of the Pier at 4:30pm.

After a frantic search for what must have seen like hours, the twins family contacted the police by 5:30pm.

The family offers that no one in the group saw the boys, identified as Jefferson and Josue Perez, go under the water but they were wading in it for fun.


As the sun went down, multiple authorities came to help in the search. The Coast Guard and Galveston Island Beach Patrol responded along with police, fire, and EMS. Everyone banded together to search the area.

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The search continues today.

The Beach Patrol/Jesse Tree Survivor Support Network have also been called and is currently providing emotional support and resources to the family.

Here is the heartbreaking news report on YouTube from 11Houston.

Our thoughts are with the family of the twins. With Spring Break around the corner, it's a reminder to watch diligently for danger in crowds and in our coastal waters.

If you are planning to take your family in the water, please know that rip currents are exceptionally dangerous, but there are tips that might help you in a situation the twins may have found themselves in. The Grom Life offers information.

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