Vans are LIFE

Honestly, Vans are my go-to shoes. I will wear them with literally anything. Short- yes, pants- yes, cute dress-absolutely, a semi-formal business outfit- you better believe it. I have worn Vans since my mom let me start really picking out my own shoes in 5th grade.

Hit 'em With the Vans

That's why this brings such joy to my heart. Vans holds a contest every year that has schools around the nation competing against each other. It's called the Vans High School Culture; it was initially created "to inspire and empower high school students to embrace their creativity through art and design and bring attention to diminishing arts education budget."

Texas is host to some pretty talented students. Out of more than a thousand other schools that worked diligently on their shoe designs, 2 Texas schools were selected as runner-up finalists.

Edison High School from San Antonio created two designs. One featured colorful fiesta flares and featured artwork of the Riverwalk, and the other design showcased pan dulce, one of the most beloved Mexican sweetbreads of the city.

The other runner-up comes from Dallas, Cedar Hill High School. Their shoes were unique. They turned a simple white van into something that represents Texas to the Tee: a cowboy boot. The boot looks like something you would see any Texan wearing out on a Saturday night, but of course, there is the infamous "Vans Off the Wall" tag right on the back of the boot.

While both schools did not win the grand prize, they still took home quite a winning. Runner up schools won $15,000 that will go towards art programs to help update art supplies and other necessary items needed to help expand students' creativity.

Stick Figure Art

Alex Salinas - TSM

Kudos to the students; they have more artistic talent in their pinky than I do in my entire body. I can barely draw stick figures.

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