A terrifying attempted robbery turned deadly in Houston that resulted in cutting a father's life short.


The fatal encounter occurred just before 6:30 a.m. Wednesday at Sunny's convenience store in Houston, just mere steps away from Andrew Garza's home.

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Garza, alongside his uncle, had made a routine stop to refuel and grab a drink on their way to work, unknowingly stepping into the path of danger. An alarming figure, disguised like an ordinary customer, targeted Andrew as he finished at the pump. "This individual produced an AR pistol and put it to the back of our victim and demanded everything he got," recounted Houston Police Detective Alexander Vinogradov, detailing the moments that led to the shootout.


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The confrontation escalated rapidly, with Garza's uncle, in a deInnocent Texas Man Tragically Killed During Devastating Violent Robberysperate bid to protect his nephew, exchanging gunfire with the assailant. Amidst the chaos, a suspect seated in the getaway vehicle was struck, but in a devastating turn, the robbers' returned fire, striking Andrew.

"Unfortunately, the uncle had to see his nephew die in front of him," Vinogradov grieved a devastating reflection on that day's events.


The aftermath left a community in shock, with the crime scene's shattered windows and police tape serving as a grim reminder of the violence. Amidst her grief, Aniyah Garza, Andrew's 13-year-old daughter, remembered her father as a beacon of support and love. 

"He was the best father I could ask for. He was there for me when I was at my lowest. He was there for me at my hardest times. I really do appreciate him for everything he has done for me."

As the investigation continues, with one suspect in custody and others sought, the Garza family's demand for justice echoes loudly. They seek not only retribution for the senseless act that tore away a devoted father and hard-working man but also to honor Andrew Garza's legacy as a pillar of strength and love in their lives.

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