National Overdose Day

As August comes to an end there is a somber vibe in the air. The last day of the month is reserved as a day of remembrance and a reminder of something important.

August 30th is National Overdose Awareness day. Families and friends have been plagued with the emptiness of a loved one after their passing due to an overdose.

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Young Lives Lost

Within the past couple of years, I have known multiple people pass away from an overdose. One of the saddest parts about it, as they were all in their 20s. Such a young life was lost. 

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For many, a fatal overdose turns out to be accidental. It is all too easy to take one too many pills or one extra and fatal dose. Nobody thinks it will happen to them, but too many times people just go to bed and never wake up.

A Mothers Worst Nightmare

Nothing is worst than a mother walking into her child's room in the morning, only to find him irresponsible and blue. This was exactly the case with one of my friends. Sometimes overdoses are accidental and you don't see them coming

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Overdoses can happen to anyone who is fooling around with things they should be taking. Addiction can be the root cause, but invincibility is not reality.

In 2019, the CDC reported 70,630 fatal overdoses in the United States alone. In Texas, there were 3136 in 2019 and that number jumped to 4,153, that's more than a 1,000 increase in deaths. 

Recreational or Addiction is Irrelevant

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These deaths aren't always a result of drug addictions. Many drugs are used recreationally in isolated instances. However, it doesn't take much to do damage and just because you have used a certain amount in the past, does not make you immune to an overdose in the future.

Texans Can Get Help

Drug use is a big issue and you don't need to be addicted to getting help. It's 2021 and stigmas still exist when asking for help, but do not let that deter you or a loved one from asking for it. 

Texas has multiple resources out there. If you are a loved one who needs help visit Drug Help Online or call the toll-free number (844) 289-0879.

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