An Texas instructional aide, Duke Robert Aquirre, has been arrested following allegations of inappropriate conduct with a 7-year-old female student. 


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The arrest affidavit outlines that the incident occurred on January 24, but it only came to the school's attention later, when police informed them that Aquirre, who was working as a coach at Lyndon D. Johnson Elementary, had inappropriately touched a 7-year-old girl. 

This revelation surfaced after the young student confided in her parents, detailing that Aquirre, during his tenure as a substitute, touched her inappropriately and made unsettling comments about her appearance.


Upon investigation, Aquirre shockingly admitted to harboring a sexual attraction towards the student and disclosed his past engagement with child pornography a decade ago. This admission has led to his immediate dismissal from the school, as confirmed by Edgewood ISD. 

The district, prioritizing the safety and security of its students, acted swiftly in response to these grave accusations, ensuring Aquirre's removal from his position.

The following statement was provided by Edgewood ISD:

Edgewood Independent School District (EISD) is committed to providing a safe and secure learning environment for all students. Recently, EISD was made aware of an incident involving inappropriate behavior towards a student by an educational aide.

Upon receiving this information, the Edgewood ISD Police Department immediately investigated the matter. Following a thorough inquiry, an arrest warrant was obtained, and the suspect was arrested and is no longer employed by the district.

Due to legal reasons and privacy laws, EISD is limited to the information that can be shared. We encourage anyone with relevant information to come forward and contact the Edgewood ISD Police Department at 210-898-2025 or to utilize our Edgewood ISD Safeline, a 24-hour anonymous reporting line, by calling 210-898-2027 or visiting the district website at Both tools are anonymous.

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