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It's National Police Week

Texas Governor Greg Abbott is celebrating National Police Week by turning on the blue lights to the Governor's Mansion in Austin Texas to show his support during the national holiday which ends on May 15th.

No surprise that our Texas Governor Backs the Blue

If you follow Gov. Abbott and state news stories, Gov. Abbott publically backing the blue and showing his support for our policemen and women is something Gov. Abbott feels strongly enough about that in January 2021, he announced he would penalize any Texas city that defunded their police department. On May 7th, just a few days ago, he signed House Bill 1900. Under House Bill 1900 which passed with a vote of 90 to 49, “defunding local government” by definition would be decided by comparing a specific city's budget allotted for police, municipalities, and personnel to that of the same budget from the previous year, beginning September of 2021. 

If House Bill 1900 is approved by the Senate, HB 1900 will hold property tax rates in any of the eleven Texas cities with populations of over 250,000 that cut funding for police while deducting from sales tax revenue the cost of state-provided law enforcement services.

Gov. Abbott has this to say about Texas law enforcement.

"The State of Texas is forever indebted to the law enforcement officers who boldly and bravely answer the call to serve and protect their fellow Texans across our state,” Governor Abbott offers on his Office of the Texas Governor webpage that you can read here. Adding, "The police deserve our honor and respect, and I thank the courageous law enforcement for their many sacrifices and for putting their lives on the line to keep us safe."

This is not the first time the Governor's Mansion has been lit in blue.

Check out this news story on YouTube KVUE showing the stunning display of blue in honor of Fallen Law Enforcement Day July 7th, 2019.


If you are interested in touring the Gov. Mansion, here is a great video on Youtube offered by Gov. Abbott's Youtube page and hosted by Cecilia Abbott to pique your interest as well.


How do we show our support during National Police Week?

One of the unique ways you can show your support for our Victoria Police Department year-round is to ask officers for their trading cards whenever you see them. Yep! Each of our Victoria Police Department officers has their very own trading cards! You can collect them all!

THE officer blogger card

We do want to thank the men and women in our community and throughout our state and nation who chose to serve to keep our families safe. 

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